Saturday, June 14, 2008

Invitation to all peace activists and all patriots who want to see an end to the wars and to the Imperial Presidency

Join us on Thursday July 3, 6:15 - 7:00 pm, on Central Square. Bring peace placards!

Music, singing, Hilliare Wilder’s large puppets, and
a keynote speech: Take Back America!

by Dr. Bob Bowman, Lt.Col. USAF, ret., flew 101 Combat Missions as Fighter Pilot in Vietnam, a long-time critic of this administration. (Further info on Dr. Bowman follows.)

Dr. Bowman will be introduced by Michael Blastos,
former Mayor of Keene.

Early endorsers of the July 3 event: Michael Blastos, former Mayor; Barbara Richardson, DemocraticRepresentative NH House; Jeffrey W. Scott,Vietnam War Veteran.

We would like to see a broad coalition of critics of our current Administration take part. We need to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

We are inviting groups, and also individuals with name recognition, to co-sponsor/endorse this event. (No money needed for this.) Please discuss with your group leadership whether we can add its name to the co-sponsors/endorsers of this event. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! For further information, questions, endorsement call at 355-2202 or e-mail me at

Gerhard Bedding


Dear fellow peace activists,

From June 13 to October 17, 2008, I'll be touring the country, speaking in about 120 different cities. I’ll be speaking on Central Square in Keene at 6:30 pm. on July 3, 2008. I'd appreciate very much if your organizations could co-sponsor my talk.

Because some of you may not know me, I'd like to explain who I am and what I'm trying to do. My bio gives details of my military career and education to establish credibility, but it doesn't mention my work for peace.

I've been an anti-nuke anti-war activist for 26 years. In the early 80s I worked closely with Sen. Claiborne Pell, Sen. Mark Hatfield, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and others to prevent an arms race in space, end nuclear testing, end anti-satellite weapons testing, and prevent nuclear war. I have given about 7,000 speeches around the country against Reagan's "Star Wars", against Bush One's first Gulf War, against Clinton's rape of Kosovo, and against practically everything Shrub does. My support has always come from Catholic Workers, Quakers, Unitarians, Veterans for Peace, WILPF, Peace Action, etc. The overall goals of the Patriot Tour (get a government that will follow the Constitution, honor the truth, and serve the people) are designed to make conservatives feel welcome. (Many of them are just as unhappy about things as we are.) But the immediate goals are to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent an attack on Iran. The only way I can see that happening soon (I'm not willing to wait until 2009 for another president) is with the simultaneous impeachment of Cheney and Bush, and I call for that loud and clear. I'm probably one of the most radical progressive populist liberals there is. But I don't think the left can succeed by itself. That's why I'm recruiting honest conservatives to our cause. They understand that this administration is anything but conservative. Real conservative Republicans like Bob Taft stood for fiscal responsibility, avoidance of foreign military entanglements, and protection of our individual rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Is it any wonder these folks can't stand Bush? We can make common cause with real conservatives (not the Bushie big-money imperialist fascist neo-conservatives now in charge of our government). The article "The Patriots" (attached) is designed to emphasize our common ground with real conservatives and to recruit them to our cause. I am having considerable success around the country bringing left and right together to "Take Back America."

One of the ways we are bringing folks together is through the 9/11 Truth movement. It includes folks from all across the political spectrum who love their country but fear their government. I am not a "conspiracy theorist," because I don't claim to have a theory about how 9/11 happened. But like about 80% of the American people, I don't think we have been told the truth. 9/11 has been exploited by Cheney and company to get us into unnecessary and illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to take away our freedoms through the misnamed "Patriot Act," and to involve us in a phony but seemingly endless "War on Terror." We are succeeding in getting the 9/11 Truth movement to oppose the results of the 9/11 tragedy as much as the act itself. For all these reasons, I am asking you to work with folks in the 9/11 Truth movement to jointly put on my speaking event. I have not met all of them, but those in the movement I have met are mostly patriotic anti-war activists, not nutcases as the corporate media portrays them. (Sure there are a few pretty strange folks involved, but that's true of the peace movement as well.) :) So give them a chance. You don't have to agree with them on 9/11, just work with them on our common goals.

The thrust of my talk is to end the occupation of Iraq, prevent an attack on Iran, and impeach Cheney and Bush for deceiving us into war.

The bottom line is that I'd like you to give me a chance. The Los Angeles Times called me "probably the best public speaker in the country today" I think that was a bit of an ex-aggeration in the 1980s, but I'm a lot better now than I was then. In any event, I guaran-tee you won't be disappointed! Thanks!

Bob Bowman
(321) 752-5955

P.S. If you want to see my position on every conceivable issue, go to the "Issues A to Z" document on my our web site HYPERLINK "" I am not running for political office in 2008. All money raised goes to "The Patriots," a 501c(3) non-profit associated with the Institute for Space and Security Studies.

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