Monday, March 3, 2008

9/11 Debate held at EU Parliament

(Photos taken from

[This long overdue meeting was organized by Italian EU Parliament member, Eurodéputé Giulietto Chiesa with the agenda to view a recently released movie, "Zero inquires over September 11" with debate to follow. That debate included David Ray Griffin among others. This meeting was closed to the public; only media and government officials were allowed in.

Last night a report was posted by Eric Beeth, MD Assistant Professor, General Practice Medicine, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels. He was in attendance at the debate.

In the first picture you see Yukihisa Fujita, an MP in the Japanese Parliament that recently called for a new investigation. Just a few weeks ago he stood on the Japanese Parliament floor for 30 minutes questioning government officials about events on that day; one of the first international government officials to speak up in a large public forum. --Franco]

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